English bookmakers

English bookmakers

English bookmakers

They began to make their first bets back in the days of the Roman Empire, and this only concerned racecourses. Then the Romans transferred their tradition to the British Isles, but bets were accepted only as a tote when all the money was dumped into a common pot, and the winners divided the winnings among themselves.

The origin of betting in England
It was in the British Isles that they decided to change the very principle of accepting bets. If in the sweepstakes the players argue among themselves, then in the bookmaker’s office with the bookmaker himself, and the winnings are completely independent of the number of people who bet on this event.

The first bookmakers in England began to appear in the eighteenth century, and the first known bookmaker in 1790 was opened by Harry Ogden. In 1845, a gambling law was passed in the UK, which allowed bets to be made only at racetracks. Gradually, the English bookmakers began to expand the field of their actions, so that bets were accepted not only on horses and dogs, but also on other sports events, including football.

In 1961, the government of Harold Macmillan decided to legalize all English bookmakers, which at that time totaled more than fifteen thousand. It is clear that many of them are not known in the post-Soviet space, but everyone knows the main bookmakers in England, who are called the Big Three – Ladbrokes, Coral and William Hill.

The Ladbrokes bookmaker is the oldest in England since it appeared in 1886. It was based on the training base of the Ladrock Hall horses in Worcestershire, and in 1902 the betting company moved to London. The company’s shares have been quoted on the London Stock Exchange for many years, and in 2006 the bookmaker rose from the FTSE 250 Index to the FTSE 100 Index. Unfortunately, such English bookmakers as Ladbrokes may not be interesting for players from the CIS countries because of the prohibited registration.

In 1926, Joe Coral lent a little money from his friend the owner of the cafe and took up betting activities. It all started with the acceptance of bets on dog races, and in 1961 the Coral bookmaker led the English bookmakers, who were the first to be legalized. For 2011, Coral in England alone had over 1800 ground points, as well as over a hundred in Italy under the Eurobet brand. The bookmaker Ladbrokes has repeatedly tried to get the Coral office and several years ago he succeeded.

William hill
The William Hill bookmaker was founded by William Hill back in 1934, when all the English bookmakers were still illegal. But, since then, the owners of the company have changed more than once, which did not prevent William Hill from becoming one of the largest representatives of the world betting today. More than two million players make bets in the William Hill office every year.

But Bet365 is included in those English bookmakers that appeared on the British Isles after the legalization of business. It happened in 1974 in the city of Stoke-on-Trent. Currently, people from more than one hundred countries play at Bet365, and 19 million users are registered on the site. Even though the Bet365 website only works in English, it is easy to navigate and accessible, so this bookmaker quickly overtook the English bookmakers and became the world leader in betting.

The BetFred bookmaker also appeared after the legalization of activities in 1967. At home, BetFred is one of the most popular bookmakers in England, because it has almost one and a half thousand ground points throughout the UK. BetFred also sponsored Manchester United and other English football clubs. But, if Russian players have access to the BetFred office, then for many CIS countries there is a prohibited registration. This English bookmaker has a very good line, and puts the highest odds on the British Isles for racing.

There are also such bookmakers in England, which appeared relatively recently, but still managed to quickly become leaders. We are talking about Sportingbet, which began to gain strength thanks to the absorption of other bookmakers. It all started with the purchase of Paradise Poker, after which MiaPuesta and Superbahis were still acquired. In addition, Sportingbet is a sponsor of several football clubs.

The old bookmakers in England also include Victor Chandler, which was founded in 1946 by William Chandler and eventually changed its name to BetVictor. This office focuses primarily on European players, although registration from Russia is not prohibited. There is no Russian-language interface, but only English, Italian and German are available.

10bet is already part of the new English bookmakers because it was founded only in 2003. But, the 10bet bookmaker quickly began to gain popularity in Europe and Asia, due to its reliability and accessibility of the site, because fifteen language versions are offered right away. In addition, the 10bet office has a good line and offers players high odds.

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